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Car windscreen replacement service - Auto Glass Replacement in Fort Wayne, IN

Auto Glass Replacement & Repairs in Fort Wayne, IN

When you are shopping for auto glass replacement and repairs, turn to Clear Choice Glass. Our qualified and professional technicians specialize in crack and chip repairs, auto glass installations and sunroof replacements. We provide same-day repairs for vehicles in the Fort Wayne area and surrounding counties.

Auto Glass Installation Process

Our trained technicians will first analyze and measure the frames for a perfect fit. We then utilize our equipment to cut the glass to the specific measurement and fasten it securely. In most cases, auto glass installations are completed quickly and within the same day.

Auto Glass Repairs

Cracks and chips on your mirrors are more than a nuisance; windshield cracks and chips can distort your vision. Our crack and chip repair technicians utilize a customized template and a three-step process that ensures that your mirrors are functioning within standard perimeters for your make and model. Our technicians utilize glass resins and processes that ensure the crack or chip doesn't enlarge and creates a seal that makes the glass like new.

Auto Glass Replacements

Whether you've been in an accident or you are simply upgrading, turn to us when it's time to replace your windshield, side and rearview mirrors, or your sunroof. We can provide quick upgrades that enhance the durability of your vehicle with added safety features. Sunroof replacements make sense when the glass in your sunroof starts to deteriorate or crack.
Windshield replacements are definitely needed when the cracks and chips become too large to fix normally. Replacing side and rearview mirrors makes sense when the mirrors become too distorted and unusable. We provide the expertise you need for replacing essential parts of your vehicle.